Arrow and Steed Branding Project

My lovely friend Mel wanted to rebrand her store into something that felt more authentic and represented some important values that were missing from the story. Authenticity, Play, Heritage, Community, Reclaimed & Repurposed, Handmade & Local. *there may be more...

The shop has been open for a soft launch, since Saturday (grand opening planned for May Long weekend) and the community is full of positive feedback and support. There are still some things to finish up like signage and a little bit of painting, but the simple paint palette plays wonderfully with the large windows, and industrial wooden beams. Best of all, the amount of light that comes into the place is befitting to the light-filled beautiful shop owner, and her wonderful, full-of-life family.

There will be a website at some point too, and if you happen to be on island, please drop in and see for yourself.

121 McPhillips Ave #3
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2T6

Phone: 250 . 537. 2330

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